Gucci loses trademark



I was shocked to read that Gucci have indeed lost their trademark over the double G symbol! As they let a time period lapse without using the symbol, they know longer have exclusive use to their own symbol! I’m surprised their legal team managed to lose track of this significant issue, surely it was not hard to produce a couple bags each year using the insignia, as they let over 10 years elapse without any use! Intellectual property law is such a crucial area when it comes to branding, it’ll be sad to see unknown brands able to use the symbol without any fear of retaliation. I expect to see Gucci try to lodge the trademark again or appeal the decision with better grounds. Their initial argument was rejected as although there was some use, it was ruled insubstantial to justify realistic use within the guidelines of the prescribed Italian trademark law. Funnily enough, when I searched for Gucci bags it was difficult to find a product which featured those two G’s.

Here’s a link to the article if you want to gain some more information:

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Here is one of my most successful cooking escapes as of now! I used to work at Donut King and I have to say, you can’t get much yummier than warm dough covered in sugar and cinnamon and/or cream. It was a long journey, it took about half the day between resting and rising and breaks, but it was worth it! I made a patisserie cream to be served with it and I have to say they were just as yum with or without it. I thought they would be much more difficult to make than they actually were. The recipe took more time and precision rather than culinary skill, which gives hope to the masses who haven’t worked as a sous chef under Adriano Zumbo. Reliving their tasty memories makes me want to create more! This is actually a great recipes to do with kids, especially if you get a little production line set up with rolling in the cinnamon and sugar. When it comes to mixing the two to create cinnamon sugar, I did it by eye using my memories from DK, but try to go sparing with the cinnamon, you don’t need much in a lot of sugar to be able to taste it without being overpowering.

The recipe I used for the donuts was actually for Bombolonis, which I found here: The pastry cream is contained in the second half of that recipe.

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Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 collection


I just watched the runway show for the printemps fashion and it seems quite conservative for the a collection show. My favourite aspect of the line would have to be how the dresses show the waistline and shape of the models, even though the cardigans and tops are larger and hang over the dress. I loved the soft colours also, the white, silver and pastels were lovely to see, especially when they had a shimmer to them! The hair stylisation was fashion show strange but I actually didn’t mind it that much. Oh and those eyeliner gems, gorgeous! How I would love to wear some of these beautiful pieces, and be invited somewhere worthy of their grace!

If you would like to watch the show yourself, head to the link then scroll around to find the video titled Spring/Summer 2014 Haute Couture:

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Forever New new collection

Image Image

Forever New have a new collection called Park Avenue which I am a big fan of. The last couple seasons have been a let down I have to say. Honestly, at least 75% of my wardrobe if FN, but I’ve been disappointed by declining quality. Fear not, I’m happy again with these classic numbers, black, white and lace which are conservative yet fun, which is hard to find in standard mall fashion stores. The necklines are still pretty high but overall I like the cuts and materials.

The link to the full collection can be found here:

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photo-5Here is my first attempt at macarons! I remember the days of watching Adriano Zumbo on Masterchef create these delicate, fragile masterpieces and thinking they were just way too hard to comprehend creating! So I decided to give them a go and expected the worse! Surprisingly they actually looked and tasted pretty good! I put peanut butter cream in them and died the bases with cochineal so they come out a lovely rosy pink. Here’s where I retrieved the recipe from:

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Ice Dance


I came across this figure skating couple before they performed at Sochi and they are absolutely amazing. I wasn’t even aware that Ice Dance was a sport, I assumed there was only figure skating. Apparently it involves a lot more footwork rather than aerial manoeuvres and the couple must stay close to each other at all times, a lot like ballroom dancing on ice. Meryl Davis and Charlie White are the US competitors and are number 1 in the world. They managed to both set a world record and take home the first gold medal America has ever won in their category. They are mesmerising to watch, I have an immense amount of respect for the effort and practice they put into their art. And it really does surpass sport, it is like watching pure art.

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The Real Housewives of Melbourne


The Real Housewives of Melbourne

I watched the first episode yesterday and I’m hooked already! It’s great to see a housewives show in Australia finally, it’s so much more relatable than the USA. To my surprise I realised I have met Chyka and her husband Bruce, as I used to work in their company. Although I was a mere minion to them, surely that makes me some kind of famous by association? No? It was worth a try. I love Gina, what a fabulous barrister. I’ll have to look her up on my case databases to see what kind of cases she has been working on recently. Janet bugged me, I think she has just a little too much plasticity going on, it’s made her look older than she actually is, which is a real shame. I haven’t made up my mind on Lydia yet, we shall have to wait and see. Andrea also seems very self confident verging on bragging, yet again I’d like to give her some time before a final verdict. Jackie is definitely not my kind of person, coming from Newcastle and married to a band member, it will be interesting to see when she does and does not fit in with the group of more sophisticated women. I think that’s everyone, let’s see what Sunday shall bring in terms of Melbournian drama!

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