Here is one of my most successful cooking escapes as of now! I used to work at Donut King and I have to say, you can’t get much yummier than warm dough covered in sugar and cinnamon and/or cream. It was a long journey, it took about half the day between resting and rising and breaks, but it was worth it! I made a patisserie cream to be served with it and I have to say they were just as yum with or without it. I thought they would be much more difficult to make than they actually were. The recipe took more time and precision rather than culinary skill, which gives hope to the masses who haven’t worked as a sous chef under Adriano Zumbo. Reliving their tasty memories makes me want to create more! This is actually a great recipes to do with kids, especially if you get a little production line set up with rolling in the cinnamon and sugar. When it comes to mixing the two to create cinnamon sugar, I did it by eye using my memories from DK, but try to go sparing with the cinnamon, you don’t need much in a lot of sugar to be able to taste it without being overpowering.

The recipe I used for the donuts was actually for Bombolonis, which I found here: The pastry cream is contained in the second half of that recipe.

xoxo PP


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