Gucci loses trademark



I was shocked to read that Gucci have indeed lost their trademark over the double G symbol! As they let a time period lapse without using the symbol, they know longer have exclusive use to their own symbol! I’m surprised their legal team managed to lose track of this significant issue, surely it was not hard to produce a couple bags each year using the insignia, as they let over 10 years elapse without any use! Intellectual property law is such a crucial area when it comes to branding, it’ll be sad to see unknown brands able to use the symbol without any fear of retaliation. I expect to see Gucci try to lodge the trademark again or appeal the decision with better grounds. Their initial argument was rejected as although there was some use, it was ruled insubstantial to justify realistic use within the guidelines of the prescribed Italian trademark law. Funnily enough, when I searched for Gucci bags it was difficult to find a product which featured those two G’s.

Here’s a link to the article if you want to gain some more information:

xoxo PP


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