Let me start by introducing myself! I am 17, currently completing a Bachelor of Laws and living on the sunny Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. One of my passions is fashion and ensuring I am always ready to face the world dressed and presented in the best way. I find you can gain a lot of information about a person by how they perceive they need to appear and how they do in fact present. My other interests include baking and cooking, I shall post the recipes and accounts of my adventures. I also love exercise. Wait, let me reframe that. I love the effects and consequences of exercise. I am a cheerleader at my university and work out most days. I love feeling energised, fit, and fresh. My inspiration is Audrey Hepburn, she was such an amazing woman for her class, grace, style, empathy and compassion. My favourite author is Agatha Christie as her texts have such intricate, gripping story lines that can hold my attention for an indefinite period of time! That gives a brief summary of who I am and what to expect to see here in the future, hope to see some readers popping up soon! xoxo PP


2 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hi there,wow i found ur first read really interesting,and funny.You know a lot about fashion,and sound like you are enjoying life up there on the gold coast.Its nice to meet you,and i will certainly be following your future posts

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