The Real Housewives of Melbourne

The Real Housewives of Melbourne

I watched the first episode yesterday and I’m hooked already! It’s great to see a housewives show in Australia finally, it’s so much more relatable than the USA. To my surprise I realised I have met Chyka and her husband Bruce, as I used to work in their company. Although I was a mere minion to them, surely that makes me some kind of famous by association? No? It was worth a try. I love Gina, what a fabulous barrister. I’ll have to look her up on my case databases to see what kind of cases she has been working on recently. Janet bugged me, I think she has just a little too much plasticity going on, it’s made her look older than she actually is, which is a real shame. I haven’t made up my mind on Lydia yet, we shall have to wait and see. Andrea also seems very self confident verging on bragging, yet again I’d like to give her some time before a final verdict. Jackie is definitely not my kind of person, coming from Newcastle and married to a band member, it will be interesting to see when she does and does not fit in with the group of more sophisticated women. I think that’s everyone, let’s see what Sunday shall bring in terms of Melbournian drama!

xoxo PP


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