Yay for shopping trips!


Today I went to the local outlet shopping centre, HarbourTown. I didn’t spend that much time there but I managed to get a few quality products! My mum treated me to these Oroton sunglasses, and I think they suit me quite well! Normally I only invest in cheap sunglasses from regular clothes stores and the like because they end up breaking or being chucked around in my bag. I’ll definitely be sure to take the requisite care when it comes to these lovelies! You can’t see in the BW photo but the silver looking edges are actually gold, which provides a nice pop to a bland outfit.

Oroton have a fabulous sale on at the moment, everything is 70% off! These ones were around $265 and came down to $80, which I was quite pleased with!

I bought a skirt and top from Forever New as well, which came to $60 for both, I’ll post a photo next time I wear them.

I also completed a mystery shopping task, but I can’t disclose the location! It’s the first one I’ve done so I’m not sure if it’s a scam or legit and will actually pay me. I’ve filled in the online form answering the questions so we shall see! I just claimed my first $25 off a survey site, hopefully I’ll have a bit of pocket money coming into my account soon!

I’ve also been trying a few new products, including Kiehl’s microdermabrasion micronising shells scrub. I’ll post a review once I give enough time for them to work, or not!

I had a look at the Xbox One in JB Hi Fi and it’s $600. A bit steep seeing as I only bought the 360 a year ago but we’ll see. It’ll depend on when games start being released solely for next gen consoles. My current 360 controller is on the blink too, so I’m not looking forward to paying out all this money, though the games are infinitely worth it! I have until around October until the next Batman and Assassin’s Creed are usually released anyway!

How was your last shopping trip? Any comments/advice on next gen consoles? Now I’m off to eat my blueberries and watch Captain Phillips for my little Oscars Party. I will definitely be sure to make an Oscars fashion post tomorrow!

xoxo PP


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