Get ready for many many pictures and my judgments! Overall I don’t think there were that many stand out errors in the fashion departments, so well done Hollywood! Ellen is just so funny I can’t cope.


The whole selfie ordeal is getting a bit of bad press today though. The critique is that is was a massive plug for Samsung, as that was the phone used to take the picture whereas Ellen’s actual phone is Apple. Samsung has given the Academy about 24 mil. I don’t really see any problem? If people are really surprised about a small product placement on national television featuring celebrities, what world are they living in? I don’t see how liking that massive selfie is going to make you go out and get the next Galaxy. It’s not like it spawns Channings, Brads, Angelinas and J-Laws. Apparently the stunt was supposed to be Ellen taking a photo with only Meryl and then she would crop out Meryl and put the photo of herself on twitter. Last time I checked it was retweeted nearly 3 million times, blowing the previous record of 780k out of the water.


Poor Leo… One day he will win! Hopefully…  He seems to have had a few big hits in the past five years or so, I think one of the reasons he hasn’t won is that he hasn’t actually been nominated that much, he’s only received 4 nominations. And Titanic, Shutter Island, Inception and The Great Gatsby were none of them! The Academy are probably just jealous, or are waiting for his lifetime achievement award to say “Jokes, you actually won the last 7 Oscars, here they are!”


Before we examine yesterday’s stars, let’s take a journey to the past…. Here is the gorgeous Audrey in 1954 graciously receiving her Oscar for Best Actress in Roman Holiday. What a graceful Hubert de Givenchy dress! If only it was in glorious Technicolour! She also won a posthumous Jean Hersholt humanitarian award in 1994. Angelina won the same award last year and gave a beautiful speech. It really is inspiring. You can watch it here: 


Mr Travolta must have spent too much time contacting his alien elders or something, because when introducing Idina Menzel, he called her Adele Dazim. That doesn’t even sound similar, or a spoonerism! Maybe he’s dyslexic? They both have Z’s in their last name… Yeah that’s about the only similarity.


Here’s a cute little poster of pictures of the dresses of all Best Actresses winners in the history of the Academy Awards. Wow I said ‘of’ 4 times in that last sentence.

Ok, finally onto the fashion! In no particular order! With a lot of the pictures, depending on the lighting the dresses looking vastly different, some even changing colours completely between silver and gold.


Kate Hudson. Looking gorgeous here! I think she deserves a pat on the back for keeping her hair as it is, because it looks great. So often they cut/die their hair for a change and it looks horrible. She knows what works for her and she’s sticking with it! Are we surprised Versace is responsible for this amazing creation? No, we’re really not.


Emma Watson. Such a nice girl in a not so nice dress.It seems really, really plain for the Oscars. I know she wasn’t nominated for anything, but still as a guest I was expecting a little more from her. Beautiful dress by Vera Wang, but it just didn’t seem to suit her and her haircut.

slide_339572_3485032_free slide_339572_3485033_free slide_339572_3485034_free slide_339572_3485007_free 857100-6aecc860-a284-11e3-8dfc-d9063670fb71

Brangelina. It’s the wonder couple! A is drop dead gorgeous as usual! Loving Brad’s modern haircut with the sides shaved. You hold onto your youth Brad, and never let go! Don’t they just look perfect together? Yes, yes they do. Smashing job Ellie Saab!


Julia Roberts looking like she’s having a lot of fun in Givenchy. I’m not a massive fan of the peplum with a floor length dress, it seems a bit awkward and out of place. Nice colour and texture, just that cut seems to be off. But at least she’s having fun.


Meryl Streep in Lanvin. This really suits her down to the ground. A tasteful, age appropriate, elegant dress with wonderful accessorising! I love the belt and matching bracelets.


Christian Bale. I don’t think he knows he’s allowed to get rid of the excess facial hair. The movie’s over mate, you’re not a 60’s fraudster anymore.

slide_339572_3485021_free slide_339572_3485006_free slide_339572_3484998_free

Sandra Bullock. In case anyone hasn’t seen Gravity yet, go watch it. Now. It was so amazing to see Sandra act an entire movie almost by herself. The Best Actress category this year was really so full of incredible women it would have been impossible to choose. I love the different styles going on here, the ruches and the pooling fabric look amazing on her. Here’s proof a smile makes you look ten times better!


Jennifer Garner. Very 20’s embellishment and wonderful accessories. Lovely waves in that hair too! The shoes could have done without being platform though, the styles are a bit too contrasting between modern heels and a 20’s frock.

slide_339572_3484816_free slide_339572_3484815_free slide_339572_3484813_free

Anne Hathaway in Gucci. I must say I’m not a fan. It makes her look much bigger than she actually is. The neckline seems out of place also, and doesn’t complement her hair. Although there is the massive torso embellishment, she seems under accessorised. They could have done a lot better with her hair. Just look at J Law, she’s at that really awkward growing out stage but she looks fantastic.

slide_339572_3484801_free slide_339572_3484799_free slide_339572_3484713_free

Charlize Theron. Dior, you’ve done it again! It gives me a giggle to think of the 5 Academy Award employees that would have had to run over to her to lay out her train then run away in time for the photo to be taken. Lovely layered dress, it’s great you can see her figure under the train and it seems to be 2 parts but flows smoothly. And those accessories! Her neck is holding 15 million dollars worth of Harry Winston diamonds. Charlize often wears HW, I am mucho jealous. I love how the top of the straps are nude so you think the dress is strapless.


Kerry Washington. Who knew she was pregnant? Not me! I’m torn with this. I know how hard it would be to make a dress look good for a pregnant woman, but it really looks like she’s got a sheet and pinned it in place. The colour and fabric do add something to the overall appeal. I’m going to say I’m satisfied with it because they had difficulties to overcome in creating it.

slide_339572_3484790_free 859243-5f59723e-a278-11e3-8dfc-d9063670fb71slide_339572_3485379_free

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. I think the J-Law Dior partnership is a match made in heaven, although I would not be surprised to see a law suit in the future when she falls and actually hurts herself. Last year’s white gown was amazing as well, and her figure and hair really pull this orange red off. I’m happy to see she’s growing out her hair again, the longer locks really suited her.


Laura Dern. I didn’t know she ever escaped Jurassic Park. Haven’t seen her in anything since then!


Glenn Close. She must have drawn inspiration from her Cruella days for this dark dress. Looking fabulous for her age I must say!

slide_339572_3484715_free slide_339572_3484709_free 856657-a78e1c04-a28b-11e3-8dfc-d9063670fb71

Cate Blanchett in Armani Privé. She saved herself from beige’s normal blandness with the incredible embellishment. The nude top made it look like skin and the corset’s sequins are absolutely gorgeous. Her hair was nice but not overdone, and the earrings complemented her intricate sequins. Perfect for accepting her Oscar! Cate’s tally is now 2 Academy Awards, not bad! Another 2 and she’ll tie for the most won ever, with Katherine Hepburn.


Jessica Alba If she’s going for balayage, I think she’s doing it wrong. Lovely dress though, nice accessories, but they all seem to blend together. There needs to be a pop, some colour, or a bold fabric choice for this outfit to work.


Here’s a photo of a happy Benedict Cumberbatch. Doesn’t he seem positively thrilled to be invited?

slide_339572_3484639_free slide_339572_3484632_free slide_339572_3484629_free

Lupita Nyong’o in Prada. The dress is fabulous, it works so well with her skin, and that simple headband is all she needs for plain elegance.


Olivia Wilde. Another pregnancy I missed, I really need to get on top of it! Looking lovely in this plain black number, the collar could have been a tad lower though, it is almost heading into turtleneck territory. Nice statement clutch and bangles to contrast with the black.

slide_339572_3484560_free slide_339572_3484559_free

Anna Kendrick in J Mendel. There’s seems to be a bit much going on what with the straps, and clear chest patches and red belt fabric pieces and split and straps on the back. *takes deep breath after listing the many characteristics* Her hair would probably have looked better out, but then again maybe they wanted it to look plain so it wasn’t another thing to clash with the busy dress.

slide_339572_3484504_free slide_339572_3484499_free 857326-5991093e-a278-11e3-8dfc-d9063670fb71

Kristen Bell. K Bell is looking good here, nice ribbing to the back of the corset and the right amount of accessories. It’s a lovely soft pink as well, there seemed to be a lot of silver and light colours this year. No real statement colours (apart from Liza Minelli *shudder*). I wonder if she is excited to finally have an actual acting role after years of Gossip Girl and then Frozen. It’s a wonder anyone can remember what she looks like!


Portia. I have mixed opinions on this dress. From that picture it doesn’t look too good, the bottom half fabric does not fit in at the Academy Awards. But viewing the different parts closely, they look quite nice. Maybe you had to see it in person to fully appreciate it.


Amy Adams in Gucci. It was so cute, she seemed like she was going to cry when Cate was complimenting her in her acceptance speech. Nice, elegant dress, but it could have done with some embellishment and/or a nice diamond necklace.


Liza Minelli. What is going on here. I don’t even know what to say. Ellen had a bit of a rip into her and she couldn’t even take a joke. Look, I’m sorry, but if you’re earning millions and are an international star, you make the concession that you will be publicly mocked.

And here are some cute blasts from the past:


Gwyneth Paltrow looking like a pink pretty Barbie princess in Ralph Lauren, 1999.


Demi Moore looking actually shocking in whatever that is, 1989. I bet Ashton never saw this picture, it would have saved them both some time and money.

If you want to check out a full slideshow of every dress, go to Huff Post here: Huff Post dresses

Ok, that post took longer than expected! I’ve also been asked to write an article about the asylum seeker situation here in Australia so I’ll be sure to post that here once it’s done. What did you like/dislike about the Oscars this year? Do you think the Samsung product placement is shameful or a fact of modern life?

xoxo PP


2 thoughts on “Oscars!

  1. That was a lovely review of the oscars.Shame for Leonardo, he is my all time favourite male actor,his name alone makes him special i think.I think Lupita’s dress is beautiful. A lot of the celebrities dress very similar,with those tight fitting,fish tale,skin colour dressers,a bit boring i think!!

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